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Medic designs, delivers, and supports world-class, open-source software for health workers providing care in the world’s hardest-to-reach communities. We believe providing communities with sophisticated, human-centered technology is an effective tool on the path to achieving a more just world, where universal health coverage is a reality and health is a secured human right.


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2021 offered a moment of exceptional contrast – a duality of challenge and achievement as the world braved another complex year in the face of devastating COVID-19 surges, the unknown of new variants, and continued loss and isolation that will echo for years to come. That duality – the bright spots and the moments of struggle – seeped into every corner of Medic’s work, into the lives of our 90+ teammates and their families, and throughout every health system we’re proud to partner with in 15 countries.  As we look back, we celebrate both the challenges and achievements that propelled us towards new areas of collaboration, stewardship, and impact. 

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