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Quarterly Reports

Q2 2022

In Q2, We reached a total number of 81.1M caring activities since monitoring began in 2014.

Q1 2022

Supporting 5.8 million caring activities, 37,396 CHWs use the CHT to provide care in their communities.

Q4 2021

Supporting 5.1 million caring activities, 41,400 CHWs now use the CHT to provide care in their communities.

Q3 2021

Supporting 39,564 total users across 15 countries, including 5.76 million caring activities in Q3 2021.
Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

We celebrate both the challenges and achievements that propelled us towards new areas of collaboration, stewardship, and impact.

2020 Annual Report

Dive into the details of a whirlwind year, exploring our big wins, big adaptations, and even bigger global collaborations.

2019 Annual Report

Together with partners, we equipped 4,248 new health workers while upgrading more than 9,000 health workers to new tools and workflows.
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