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Welcoming Dr. Krishna Jafa, Medic’s Incoming CEO

Introducing Dr. Krishna Jafa as Medic’s CEO – a physician, epidemiologist, and public health executive with 25 years of deep expertise in health system design and strengthening, digital health innovation, and complex global partnerships in public health.


On the road to precision community health: How the Community Health Toolkit can support data quality at the platform level

Author: Chrisgone Adede, Senior Researcher, Data Science Community health workers (CHWs) are increasingly recognized for their contributions in increasing access to health care services and healthcare seeking-behaviors, as well as improving clinical outcomes given their proximity to the communities they serve. Digital tools have been noted to provide the opportunity


Case study: Using AfyaSTAT, a Community Health Toolkit (CHT)-powered app to enable HIV testing within facility and community settings in Kenya

Overview of partnership In March 2020, when COVID-19 had not fully established itself in Kenya, an opportunity emerged for Medic and Palladium Kenya to not only co-develop an integrated COVID-19 surveillance system with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and other stakeholders, but also to exchange knowledge between the two organizations


Accurate geospatial health data for better precision public health

Post author: Mourice Barasa, Research Officer for Monitoring & Data Systems Precision public health is an emerging practice to have more granularity in prediction and understanding of public health risks while customizing treatments for more specific and homogeneous subpopulations, often using new data, technologies, and methods. It is about delivering

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