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Every year, millions of phones are thrown away – crowding landfills, creating hazardous waste, and hurting our environment. Give your old phones, tablets, and accessories a new, sustainable life with Medic’s Phone Donation Program. In partnership with The Wireless Alliance, we safely recycle your devices to fund our open-source software and support health workers across Africa and Asia. 

Collect your used
phones and devices

Package in box or
shipping envelope

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Explore common questions about donating your phone. Still have questions? Contact us

We take any phone, any age, working or not! You don’t need to include chargers, batteries, or accessories, but we gladly accept those, too. We also accept iPods, digital cameras, and tablets. See a full list of accepted items here. We do not currently accept phone cases or screen protectors.

Our recycling partner, The Wireless Alliance, responsibly recycles our donated phones.

We take data security and privacy very seriously, and our recycling partner erases all data through a secure process certified through R2, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001. Learn more here.

When you donate a device, we collect personal information such as your name, shipping address, and email address. If you opt out of future messaging, your information will be added to a “do not contact” list. 

We may use the information you provide for any lawful purpose, including the following:

  • To communicate with you, including to share information about services or products you have requested, to request donations, etc.
  • To process your shipping label.
  • To help us engage with persons who may wish to donate to Medic.
  • As otherwise disclosed at the time of collection or use.

We do not rent, share, or sell your personal information to outside marketers. 

Your donated devices are refurbished for sale or recycled safely, and Medic receives the value of each recycled phone to be put towards building open-source software for community health. 

Follow the link called “print your shipping label” above. It will lead to a form where you can input your name and address, and create your own free shipping label, inclusive of the designated “to” mailing address.

Your “from” (return) address is all we need. The “to” portion is built into the free label behind the scenes. Just add your address, create the shipping label, affix it to your box securely, seal the box, and drop the box off at USPS. They’ll take care of the rest!

If you don’t have a printer, we unfortunately won’t be able to supply you with a free shipping label. However, you can still take your package to USPS directly and mail the items to the following address:

Medic Phone Donations
c/o The Wireless Alliance
1275 Rock Creek Cir
Lafayette, CO 80026-9531

Unfortunately, our recycling partner does not cover the costs that are incurred with duty, customs, and international shipping fees. If you are interested in donating your devices, please send your package directly to our recycling partner and expect to incur all related duty, customs, and international shipping charges. Contact us at with any questions!

Yes. You can access one here.

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