Digital Public Goods

Open-source tools making care equitable, accessible, and trusted globally.

Our Principles for Digital Tools

We practice human-centered, participatory design when building, scaling, and studying new technologies and strategies. We believe creating and supporting open-source projects promotes accountability, encourages local ownership and adaptation, and supports standards that enable collaboration and efficient data-sharing. We work in solidarity with technical organizations, governments, and NGOs to harness these tools for care coordination, health workforce performance management, and wider health systems strengthening.

The Community Health Toolkit

Medic serves as the technical steward and a core contributor for the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), a global public good that supports health workers as they deliver care in reimagined health systems. The CHT includes a collection of open-source software frameworks and applications, with resources to help partners design and deploy digital tools for care teams with the support of an active community of collaborators.

Join the CHT Forum

The CHT Forum is a space for designers, developers, program managers, and innovators to share knowledge, provide technical assistance to other users, and explore new opportunities for learning and collaboration. We invite you to sign-up and introduce yourself!

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