Partnering with Communities

We are committed to accompanying governments and NGOs to create, own, and sustain systems that are accountable to an individual and community’s vision for health and wellbeing. Medic helps partners assess innovation opportunities for their health systems, choose the right digital tools, grow technical capacity to independently build with the CHT, and support early adopters to scale and transition their CHT apps into locally owned, managed, and sustained systems for long-term impact.

Nurturing a Community of Practice

As stewards of the CHT, we work with high-impact organizations instrumental in building and deploying community health apps, embedding technology into new models of care, and supporting implementers to sustain these tools at scale. These organizations serve as local solution-providers for existing and new digital health programs – assessing needs, designing workflows, configuring the CHT core, and deploying and maintaining systems powered by the CHT, and contributing code and other resources back to the community.

Funding Health Equity

Our work is made possible by a community of dedicated and innovative philanthropic partners who share our passion for creating global goods and value openness and collaboration. Our funders are allies in the movement for global health equity aimed at transforming health systems and reimagining the role of technology in providing just, quality care that reaches everyone.

See our Mission in Action

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