Medic’s research team and collaborators have produced over 50 peer-reviewed publications and over 30 technical reports and policy documents. These are a handful of our favorite and most influential projects.

Evidence on the Safety and Efficiency of 2-Way Text Messaging–Based Telehealth

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Zimbabwe, demonstrating that 2-way texting (2wT) was safe and effective for follow-up after adult voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)

New research on digital innovation design to improve male circumcision postoperative follow-up (2023)

A Qualitative Usability Study on Digital Innovation Design to Inform the Optimization of an App for Male Circumcision postoperative follow-up

CHW in Pandemics: Evidence and Investment Implications (2022)

Review of the critical roles of CHWs during pandemics and discuss how rethinking common investment practices can help create resilient health systems everywhere.

Lessons from an eight-country community health data harmonization collaborative (2022)

A data harmonization and pooling Collaborative led by the organizations of the Community Health Impact Coalition.

Pathways to Increasing Trust in Public Health Data (2021)

An Exploratory Analysis of Quality Issues and Potential Remediation for Data Collected Using the Community Health Toolkit

Joint Report with Muso: How Digital Health Tools can Enable Progress Towards UHC (2021)

UHC Mode: A new mobile app extension – built with the CHT – supports CHWs in planning daily home visits.

Joint report with Dimagi and The Rockefeller Foundation (2021)

Exploring how investments in digital platforms for frontline health workers – like the CHT and CommCare – can help better prepare for future pandemics.

Think Global Health: The Role of CHWs in COVID-19 Response (2021)

CHWs play a vital role in global health efforts. Authored by CHIC members, including Medic, on the role of CHWs in pandemic response.

The Role of CHWs in COVID-19 Vaccination (2021)

WHO/UNICEF guidelines for the role of CHWs in supporting COVID-19 vaccination, co-authored by members of CHIC including Medic.

Lancet Global Health Pre-Print with CHIC (2021)

This study assesses whether adequately-supported CHWs can maintain the continuity of essential community-based health service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human-Centered Design for Global Health Equity (2020)

This paper clarifies how human-centered design matters for global health equity, drawing on a combination of literature review and reflection on action research efforts to develop three contributions.

Prioritizing Community Health Workers in COVID-19 Response (2020)

With partners in the Community Health Impact Coalition, this paper outlines targeted actions needed at different stages of the pandemic to achieve community health goals.

Interactive Texting for Postoperative Follow-up in Zimbabwe (2020)

Reducing provider workload while preserving patient safety: A randomized control trial using 2-way texting for follow-up in Zimbabwe's voluntary medical male circumcision program, with I-TECH and the University of Washington.

Cost Effectiveness of Interactive Texting for Postoperative Follow-up (2020)

This study showed that interactive, semi-automated follow-up via text message was cheaper than standard follow up tracing, with I-TECH and UW.

Including Care Recipients in Community Health Feedback Loops (2019)

Exploring a USSD-based system that allows anyone with a basic mobile phone to provide feedback regarding the health services and quality of care received from a CHW or during a hospital visit.

mThrive: A Nurturing Care App that Supports Community Health Workers (2019)

Design research and prototyping to support CHWs in improving early child development and promoting optimal child health in rural Kenya, with Medic, PATH, AfECN, and CIFF.

Precision Supervision and Personalized Feedback Improve CHW Performance (2018)

An RCT showed increases in quantity, quality, and speed of care among CHWs receiving data-driven supervision, with Muso, Ministry of Health in Mali.

The AIM Matrix for Optimizing Community Health Programs (2018)

Important policy guidance co-authored with several partners including UNICEF, USAID, Community Health Impact Coalition.

Digital Technology for Good Governance in the Health Sector (2016)

Lit review and expert interviews reveal new uses of tech to promote transparency, accountability, and public participation, with University of Edinburgh.

Text Messaging for Care Coordination in Rural Malawi (2010)

An evaluation of Medic’s first project in rural Malawi, the first study to establish the value of texting for care coordination in community health.

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