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Equipping CHWs with tools in Kitui County, Kenya

Health systems, in their current forms, exclude people from care. However, a global network of 3.3 million Community Health Workers (CHWs) – committed and trusted members of the communities where they live and work – are an integral part of a new model of proactive and patient-centric care, one that


Understanding the experiences of CHT users through surveys

Building world class open source software is important in improving the quality of care in our communities. By ensuring that through this process, we focus on being people led, we are able to understand critical information from the onset thus focus on the right areas of improvement especially on user


Rural women at the centre of providing quality care

In rural communities around the world, community health workers (CHWs) have long been trusted providers of healthcare. Every day, CHWs cover long distances to make sure that all their neighbours – even the most remote – have access to health services. On this International Day of Rural Women, we celebrate