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COVID-19 Update: New Rapid Diagnostic Test App for CHWs

Post authored by Helen Olsen, Impact Manager; Alix Emden, Operations Lead; Josh Nesbit, Board Member, and Kenn Sippell, Director of App Services.  Health workers around the world are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 at great personal risk. A deadly combination of extreme working conditions, stress, fatigue and prolonged


COVID-19 and Medic’s Response

Post co-authored by Josh Nesbit, Board Member; Isaac Holeman, Chief Research Officer; and Shreya Bhatt, Director of Partnerships.  *This post is a first in a series of posts to share important updates and commentary on our Covid-19 response efforts and updates.* As Covid-19 spreads across countries where we support partners


We Are All Health Workers: Meet Kennedy Oruenjo

Kennedy Odiambo Oreunjo is the County Director of Health in Siaya County, Kenya. He is a public health specialist with a master’s degree in Public Health and Community Health & Development and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health. He is passionate about engaging communities in finding affordable solutions

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