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COVID-19 and Medic’s Response

Post co-authored by Josh Nesbit, Board Member; Isaac Holeman, Chief Research Officer; and Shreya Bhatt, Director of Partnerships.  *This post is a first in a series of posts to share important updates and commentary on our Covid-19 response efforts and updates.* As Covid-19 spreads across countries where we support partners


We Are All Health Workers: Meet Kennedy Oruenjo

Kennedy Odiambo Oreunjo is the County Director of Health in Siaya County, Kenya. He is a public health specialist with a master’s degree in Public Health and Community Health & Development and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health. He is passionate about engaging communities in finding affordable solutions


Medic Launches Medic Labs

Post originally published on PRNewswire Medic Launches Medic Labs: A New Tech Accelerator for Global Health with an Initial $3 Million Investment from The Rockefeller Foundation Medic Labs will Incubate Breakthrough Ideas in Data Science and Precision Public Health, Bringing the Strengths of the Tech Community to The Challenge of Health For All


Medic’s Board of Directors Evolves for Our Next Phase

We are at an inflection point for our work advancing global health equity. Half of the world’s population still lacks access to the care they need, but we see a path forward that combines health system strengthening, creative system redesign, collective action, and human-centered application of technology to support equitable