CHT Applications Developer Survey now open

As technical stewards of the CHT, our aim is to make the process of developing the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) application easier and quicker for all. For this purpose, we are looking forward to engaging with your feedback that will help us better understand and enhance the CHT framework. 

We look forward to knowing your thoughts on the CHT via applications developer survey which is open now and available till Dec 18, 2022.

In July, we sent out the first round of surveys and we received responses from16 CHT application developers. Out of 16 respondents, 37.5% were Medic teammates and 62.5% were non-Medic teammates. The responses we received came from developers with a wide range of experience in developing CHT applications.

One of the questions we asked participants was whether they felt current resources are sufficient to build CHT applications and their feedback showed that we needed to intentionally improve our resources for more impact and engagement with the community. 

Since then, we have added more documentation to improve existing resources. For example, we added documentation for the YendaNafe CHT app by PIH in Malawi. The documentation and source code can help CHT developers adapt the example application to meet the similar project requirements. Next, we added Guides for writing automated tests for CHT applications. This document adds more to the resources on testing the CHT applications using CHT test harness. 

Also, our team has been working on a new dashboard set up which will utilize proven stable open source technologies logstash and PostgRest that supports faster data processing and stability of the pipeline. With the new pipeline it will be easier for App builders to develop dashboards. You can read more about it in  the CHT forum. We value your feedback and we are continuously working to include your suggestions in future. We request you to keep on providing your valuable feedback to help us make improvements.

Please feel free to share this survey with other CHT application developers you know. We’ll be publishing the results in a few months and we will ensure to keep the community posted on steps that will be taken to move forward with your suggestions.

If you’d like to discuss this on the CHT community forum, here’s the associated post.

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