What’s new in the Core Framework: 3.11.0

Medic is excited to announce the latest release of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) with exciting new features and many improvements.

Angular upgrade

The UI framework has been upgraded from the deprecated AngularJS v1.6 to Angular v10.0 which drastically reduces the memory used on the phone. It will make development of the Core Framework easier and more reliable and also makes it easier to keep on the latest version of Angular which means we can keep up to date and on a supported version from now on.

Angular performance

RapidPro SMS gateway

SMS messages can now be sent and received using a RapidPro instance. This allows for integration with a wide range of SMS aggregators for a high scale SMS deployment. Learn more in the feature documentation.

RapidPro logo

Improved replication performance

API CPU usage has been significantly improved when requesting the changes feed, which is a frequently requested endpoint for smartphone applications.

Performance improvement

Added a GitHub Action for deploying configuration

If you wish to automate configuration deployment you can now use our GitHub Action as a building block.

And more!

To learn more about all the improvements released in 3.11.0, and learn how to upgrade, check out the release notes.

To stay up to date and follow along on our progress join the conversations in the CHT Forum.

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