Meet Medic: A refreshed brand, evolving leadership, and a strategic path forward

Over the course of Medic’s history, we’ve continuously improved how we design, research, and build world-class digital tools for community health workers (CHWs). Similarly, our mission and brand has evolved, too. From “text messages save lives” (2009-2011) to “right tools, real impact” (2011-2014) to “we are all health workers” (2014-2020), our taglines may change, but our primary focus on improving care in communities persists.

The big picture

As we continue to rise to meet the challenges posed by the global pandemic, we’ve found ourselves stepping into the bigger picture of what it means to serve people and communities with human-centered purpose and a drive for systems reform and health equity. We see a reality where the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) isn’t simply an app to support CHWs, but an innovative, scalable toolkit – grounded in openness – owned, designed, informed by research, and rapidly deployed by local and national health systems. In 2020, apps enabled by the CHT supported 19 million moments of care across multiple health systems in 16 different countries. Our team is now 92-strong and working from every time zone. We said not-goodbye-but-see-you-soon to our co-founder and CEO, Josh Nesbit, who pioneered Medic’s vision and will continue to engage as a dedicated board member. 

Building tools for people who care

In the face of change and challenges, Medic did what we do best: we elevated and adapted. In Q1 2021, we’re thrilled to launch a refreshed name, logo, brand, tagline, and website. We’re dropping the “Mobile” from our name to move forward as simply “Medic” – a beloved moniker as old as the organization itself. We’re shifting our tagline to “building tools for people who care” to highlight our role in building tools and technologies with cutting edge R&D and data science that meets the long-term needs of health systems. We incorporated new earthy hues and hand-drawn illustrations – small odes to the communities in which we work and the designers, creators, and thought partners who have joined us in solidarity throughout this 11-year journey. We’ve updated our language to honor the work that we do together, our vision for care in global health, and Medic’s role as steward of the CHT’s open-source community

With a simplified and succinct approach aligned with our creative values, we’re able to focus on our role in refining the CHT in service of health workers and health systems as they provide quality care to those who need it most. These updates will serve us and our mission in a forward-looking way, giving us space for the evolution of the critical work that lies ahead.

New vision at the helm 

We’re also excited to introduce a transformed leadership team, stacked with seasoned Medic teammates and new innovators to help build our bold, mission-driven strategy in 2021 and beyond. Meet our team below: 

  • Jacqueline Edwards: Stepping up as interim CEO, Jacqueline shifts from her post as Medic’s long-time COO. Jacqueline provides strength and continuity in the role as we conduct a global search for our next Chief Executive.
  • Shreya Bhatt: Our new Chief of Staff, Shreya is evolving from her latest role as Director of Partnerships. Shreya’s long and cross-cutting experience with Medic equips her to serve as a key resource to the leadership team and the future CEO.
  • Emily Michael: As Medic’s first Chief Development Officer, Emily will deepen and expand our philanthropic relationships and oversee our external communications. 
  • Amanda Yembrick: As Interim Chief Program Officer, Amanda is a skilled project and people-manager. She will lead our key focus of delivering excellence through our app services and delivery teams.

Additionally, Isaac Holeman and Marc Abbyad will continue to serve as Chief Research Officer and Chief Product Officer, respectively – offering a combined 20 years of leadership to our mission.

What’s next

Our look may have changed, but the mission and vision at our heart remain the same. In 2021, the work endures, as we’ll continue to scale CHT apps and build capacity to ensure every health worker and every health system we support is well-equipped to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring continuity of primary care. 

Medic’s Board has engaged Russel Reynolds Associates to conduct our CEO search. Do you know a leader who would be a great fit? Learn more below!

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