Understanding CHT experience through eyes of Developer

Medic continuously strives to improve the experience of CHT application development. To this aim, we periodically collect direct feedback from CHT application developers via surveys and interviews. 

Through the most recent survey, we received feedback from 20 developers across 12 unique organizations. Over 80% of the respondents had more than six months of experience developing CHT experience.

Developers’ Experience with the CHT

In this survey, we asked participants whether CHT met their project requirements. More than 45% of participants responded that CHT met their requirements to a great extent, 40% responded that they are satisfied, and 35% responded that current CHT resources are sufficient to build CHT applications. The result shows strong improvement to project requirements and satisfaction questionnaires compared to the previous survey responses in December 2022. However, an opportunity to continue to improve CHT resources remains.

As a next step, our team is working on restructuring the CHT Documentation website, focusing on achieving better navigation in finding related information. To broaden CHT resources, we are also increasing the scope of CHT Academy by including more courses covering topics beyond simple CHT application building. As recently announced, we introduced a brand new CHT interoperability course, now available in the CHT Academy. 

How Easy is it to Develop a CHT Application?

To understand the level of difficulty while developing CHT applications, we asked developers to rate their experience with different stages of CHT application development. The figure below shows a comparison of distribution of responses along with averages (indicated by white square box) between responses from December 2022 and our recent survey.

We see that participants reported some difficulty in upgrading CHT Core. It is possible this rise is caused by releasing a major version with breaking changes and we aim to minimize the breaking changes going forward. We have also noted that the developers are finding external dashboard use and integration with other systems a challenge. We are confident that the new CHT interoperability course will help overcome this challenge. In addition, we plan to organize a technical session to demonstrate implementation of the dashboard with CHT by the end of 2023.While we continue to engage, support, and empower developers in the CHT community, our aim is to ensure that sufficient resources are available for CHT application development. We are open to continuous feedback and suggestions from the community. Contact the community team via email or by posting in the CHT Forum.

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