Welcoming Victoria Reyes, Director of People, Culture and Business Operations

As a global team of more than 90 teammates working across 13 time zones, we each live our organizational values through our work. We infuse creativity and imagination in our work from designing new features and building software, to training new users, and telling the story of our work to the world.

Medic is thrilled to welcome Victoria Reyes as our Director of People, Culture and Business Operations who will champion our organizational values as well as shape the culture for our global diverse team. This role, a first of its kind, will be integral in building systems and processes that will ensure that our team needs are catered to as they continue building integral systems that support healthcare for all. More specifically, her role will particularly focus on empowering and promoting strong leaders through management and coaching. 

Victoria is a people and operations leader with 10+ years of experience across Central America, East and West Africa. Victoria is passionate about people, equity, systems and strategy – with a particular love for supporting organizations during new growth phases. Prior to Medic, she worked at myAgro in Dakar, Senegal and One Acre Fund in Tanzania where she led operations for an organization of 500+ full time employees in Tanzania, as the orchestrator and people champion.

I’m excited to join Medic as the Director of People, Culture and Operations. I believe that the people that work at an organization are the biggest asset, and when they are treated with dignity and consistent support, they can create true transformational impact and change. Medic has incredible people, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with each of them to support the kind of internal environment that drives our external impact alongside our health and community partners.

Currently based in Boston, USA, Victoria is excited to translate our ambitious vision into reality through focused execution,  a fantastic and diverse team across 18 countries, and efficient systems to enable our global team to thrive. 

Please join us in welcoming Victoria to the team!

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