What’s new in the Community Health Application Framework: 3.4.0

Post authored by Gareth Bowen, Medic’s Chief Architect. 

Medic Mobile is excited to announce the release of the next version of the Community Health Application Framework: 3.4.0. This release adds customizable branding and has several improvements for performance and scalability.

Scale to support more users

In previous versions, users who had an internet connection would maintain a continuous request to the server waiting for any relevant database changes. For projects with thousands of users, this caused the server to use a lot of memory to keep track of all of those requests.

In version 3.4.0 we’ve removed this continuous connection in favor of making a request only when the application detects that it is required. For example when:

  • five minutes have passed since the last replication attempt
  • the user creates or updates a document
  • the application detects the user has come back online
  • the user clicks the new “Sync now” button

Customizable branding

You can now configure the web app logo, title, and favicon to use your project’s branding. You can also add partner logos to the About page. More information is available in the feature overview and the configuration documentation.

Improved performance loading contacts tab

We have made several changes to reduce the time it takes to load information on the Contacts tab, including:

  • Improved query performance of the contact list in UHC mode
  • Removed primary contact from the contact list to reduce the number of database queries
  • Cached lookup of user settings doc
  • Cached primary contact lookups to reduce database queries
  • Improved contact list rendering time by batching updates together
  • Load the contact content progressively
  • Remove the places card from your home place content as the information is available in the contact list

And much more…

This release includes 18 improvements to existing features, four performance improvements and dozens of bug fixes. For a complete list of changes and upgrading instructions, check out the release notes.

We hope you’re as excited about version 3.4.0 as we are, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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