Community Health Toolkit New Partner, New Commitment to Ending Health Disparities for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Post authored by Francesca Garrett, Medic’s Community of Practice Manager. 

In the hours before the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, Medic Mobile, the stewards of the Community Health Toolkit, joined over 100 global health leaders at the Global Inclusive Health Forum. Together, they made a commitment to equip 10,0000 community health workers (CHWs) in 20 developing nations with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide quality health care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

“We are truly inspired by the bold vision presented today, and excited to welcome Special Olympics as a partner of the Community Health Toolkit,” said Josh Nesbit, CEO of Medic Mobile. “In response, we commit to introducing Special Olympic’s training resources and expertise into the Toolkit and supporting their efforts to equip health workers in the last mile as they secure the right to health for people with intellectual disabilities.”

People with intellectual disabilities face significant challenges accessing quality health care, resulting in pronounced health disparities, reduced life expectancy, and violations to their access to health as a human right. Special Olympics’ role as a partner, and contributor to, the Community Health Toolkit help ensure health workers around the world are empowered to provide dignified, equitable care to these individuals.

“People with intellectual disabilities are rightfully demanding quality health care in their communities and their countries…” said Dr. Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman. “Special Olympics and health leaders are saying ‘we hear you!’ and the commitments made at the Forum will make health disparities history and make inclusive health a reality.”

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