What’s new in the Core Framework: 3.10.0

Post authored by Diana Barsan, Software Developer

Medic Mobile is excited to announce the latest release of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) with exciting new features, many improvements, and over 20 bug fixes. 

Easier login with magic links

3.10.0 adds a new authentication mechanism that doesn’t require users to know their username or password. Users can now access the app for the first time by clicking on a link that they receive by SMS. Admins can enable or disable this feature for any user. Users with the latest version of medic-android will have the option to open the weblink directly in the CHT app instead of a browser. 

Privacy policies

App builders can now configure privacy policies that users must accept before continuing to use their app. Privacy policies can be configured using medic-conf or from a new App Management page.

Improved geolocation data

3.10.0 improves the way geolocation data is obtained. Previously, if the app was not able to obtain a position lock immediately, the geolocation would not be recorded. Now, the app will allow up to 30 seconds to get a position lock. Additionally, the geolocation property is now updated every time a report is edited, and all previous geolocation entries are saved in a log within the same report.

This change also supports the latest updates in medic-android, where the Location permission is requested at runtime rather than when starting the app for the first time.

Improved performance of processing deleted docs

Because processing document deletes, specifically deleting read docs, is relatively time-consuming, deletion processing is now split into:

  • Generating tombstones: no changes, tombstones are generated like before, within the Sentinel transition processing feed.
  • Deleting read docs and info docs: done within a new Sentinel scheduled task that doesn’t block the main transitions processing feed

Additionally, Sentinel scheduled tasks are no longer executed sequentially, they are now executed in parallel, keeping track of which tasks are running. Every five minutes, each scheduled task that is not already running, is started.

And more!

To learn more about all features, improvements, and bug fixes released in 3.10.0, check out the release notes.

To stay up to date and follow along on our progress, keep an eye on the product roadmap, and join the conversations in the CHT Forum.

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