What’s new in 3.3.0

Post authored by Gareth Bowen, Medic’s Chief Architect. 

Medic Mobile is excited to announce the release of the next version of the Community Health Application Framework: 3.3.0. This release adds a few new important features and a slew of improvements that build on existing functionality.


When users create documents every day, their phones slowly fill up with data, reducing performance and eventually exhausting available memory. With the new purging feature, administrators can configure the application to remove documents that are no longer required to get the users back up and running. Check out the configuration documentation for instructions on how to set up this feature.

Outgoing messages screen

Administrators can now see all outgoing messages that are either scheduled, due, or unable to be sent. This is useful for monitoring the status of your SMS gateway and checking up on messages that have failed to send.

Smarter outgoing phone number validation

In previous versions, it has been possible to block outgoing messages from being sent to a configurable list of phone numbers. This is especially useful for stopping messages being sent to carriers and other automated systems as that can cause messaging loops which use up all available credit.

In 3.3.0, we have expanded on this feature to allow configuration to block sending messages to phone numbers shorter than a certain length or to recipients that only contain letters. These have been enabled by default, so after upgrading your system will no longer send messages to short or non-numeric recipients. For more information, read the configuration documentation.

ISO week validation

SMS forms can now validate that a report field has a valid week of a given year using the ISO week date standard. For more information on the isISOWeek validation rule read the configuration documentation.

Better memory management

A bug in Node was causing the API service to consume more and more memory eventually causing Node to crash. In 3.3.0 we worked around this by removing all uses of the problematic feature which will improve the uptime of your project.

When viewing a report about a patient the ID now links to the patient record so you can easily access detailed patient information.

And much more…

This release includes nine improvements to existing features, three performance improvements and dozens of bug fixes. For a complete list of changes and upgrading instructions, check out the release notes.

We hope you’re as excited about version 3.3.0 as we are, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Looking ahead

We’re already hard at work on the next versions with features in the pipeline including white labeling, flexible contact hierarchies, and ongoing performance improvements. To stay up to date and follow along on our progress, keep an eye on the product roadmap.

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