Product Roadmap for Q4 2019

As technical stewards of the Community Health Toolkit, Medic Mobile is committed to maintaining and advancing the Core Framework of the CHT. We are excited to share the Q4 2019 product roadmap for the Core Framework. It is informed by our conversations with the CHT community, including health workers, ministries of health, partners, and teammates. We hope that you will contribute by sharing your thoughts on design discussions in the Community Health Toolkit Forum. Here are some of the areas where we’re focusing our efforts this quarter: 

Enhancing the user experience for community health workers

To scale digital health apps where some community health workers (CHWs) will have feature phones, we are improving SMS workflows and exploring more automated messaging workflows with a more direct integration with RapidPro. We are also looking at ways to encourage the completion of critical tasks and more accurately track task completion. Additionally, we are exploring peer-to-peer offline sync for contexts where health workers using smartphones have limited access to data connectivity.

Improving the supervision and administration of community health programs

New features will help supervisors provide better field- and district-level support for CHWs, enabling monitoring of individual health worker activities and goals to help identify coaching opportunities. We are also building more direct integration with government health management information systems by compiling aggregate reports to be sent to DHIS2

Making it easier to build and deploy digital health apps

Later this month, we will be releasing a reference app as the default configuration of the Core Framework. It will include forms, tasks, targets for CHWs providing antenatal care. This configuration will provide a base for future community health apps, and can be used as a reference for app developers. The documentation site will be getting a makeover with more intuitive structuring, content, and progressive step-by-step guides for app developers. Additional improvements will make it easier to build with the Core Framework and manage deployments of digital health apps.

Improvements for data analysis 

Data analysis is key in providing community health workers actionable or tailored guidance, as well as giving supervisors visibility into the coverage, quality, speed, or equity of care being provided in their catchment areas. We plan to improve data workflows to facilitate faster data analysis.

For the full list of product initiatives planned, check out the Q4 product roadmap. We are excited for community members to contribute to designing and building the Core Framework. Please join the discussion for any or all of these topics in the Development section of the CHT Forum.

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