What’s new in the Core Framework: 3.7.0

Post authored by Diana Barsan, one of Medic’s Software Developers. 

Medic is excited to announce the release of the next version of the Core Framework: 3.7.0. This release adds configurable hierarchies, a complete reference configuration, optimized form HTML generation and many improvements and bug fixes. 

Configurable hierarchies

It is now possible to configure contact hierarchies! This allows for better-tailored solutions for new deployments and opens up new configuration possibilities: for example, it is now possible to configure any number of place levels, multiple person types, or unbalanced place trees. The previously hardcoded contact hierarchy has now become the default hierarchy, which existing projects will continue using. For more information, please read the configuration documentation.

Includes a new default configuration

Version 3.7.0 includes a complete default configuration that is enabled automatically on fresh application installations. The configuration is designed as a reference application for antenatal care. It provides a foundation for forms, data fields, and analytics to model an ideal way of structuring and organizing a workflow, configuration code, and testing framework. The configuration can be used as a template that a developer can modify for a deployment’s needs, or used as a reference when learning to use a component of the Core Framework. 

Optimised form HTML generation

Generating the HTML for XForms moved from being executed on every device to being executed once on the server. This reduces the time to initially load forms, along with reducing the memory footprint of the app by not caching every form’s `html` and by not storing the additional files required for generating it.

Improved purging now done server-side

Marking documents as no longer useful so that they don’t take up mobile device resources is now handled server-side. This enables devices to not download unnecessary documents during an initial replication and makes the actual “purging” process faster. For more information about changes in purging, please refer to the purging documentation.

Warn when replicating too many docs

A warning is now displayed when a user would download more than the recommended maximum of 10,000 documents. This warning is shown before starting initial replication in an attempt to reduce the incidence of misconfigured users.


Users can expect faster replication, faster application load time and faster form load time:

And More!

This release includes nine improvements to existing features, eleven performance improvements and dozens of bug fixes. For a complete list of changes and upgrading instructions, check out the release notes.

We hope you’re as excited about version 3.7.0 as we are, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. 

Looking ahead

We’re already hard at work on the next versions with features in the pipeline including gateway improvements, improved tasks and targets management, ability to create places via SMS. To stay up to date and follow along on our progress, keep an eye on the product roadmap

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